Terms & Conditions

General Terms

1. Magic of Story (MoS) makes no claim to your work. By submitting your materials, you are giving MoS permission to read your materials and provide service. MoS does not and shall not hold any claim to your work, nor ideas, settings, concepts, characters, situations, etc. contained within.

2. Magic of Story provides subjective synopses, subjective loglines, and subjective opinions on your literary work at your request, and will provide subjective criticism of your submitted work as pertains to character, plot, story, setting, tone, format, and other categories pertaining to screenwriting. Clients submitting literary materials to MoS for services agree that in any literary work there are countless details regarding character, plot, story, setting, tone, format, etc. and that it is physically and humanly impossible for any person or service to comprehend, interpret, and/or critique them all, point-by-point.

3. You agree that Magic of Story reserves the right to set the scale and scope of its focus on said details based on the level of service ordered. Further, MoS is under no obligation to “understand your work” based on terms defined by you, the client. Nor is MoS under any obligation to “get the story facts right” in a manner determined by you.

4. You, the client, agree to hold Magic of Story not responsible for any details in your story that MoS may have commented on which you believe to be inaccurate.

5. You understand that you are not entitled to a refund, because you disagree with the opinions in the report that you received from MoS, or because you believe details in your submitted work were inaccurately commented upon.

6. You understand that if you turn in a script for an existing film, theatre or tv, or for any other sort of existing franchise, MoS is under no obligation to know about, be familiar with, or be up-to-date on the aspects of said properties.

7. Magic of Story respects your privacy. No dissemination of your personal information or work to any third parties will take place.

8. You understand that Magic of Story’s promised turnaround time will be e-mailed to you upon processing your script. Once the e-mail is sent, you are given a two-day window in which to make the payment. If you exceed these two days, however many days you have exceeded will be added to your deadline. You understand that there is no guarantee that you will receive your script report/coverage within the turnaround time you have been given.

Note: As an additional measure of protection for both you and Magic of Story, we highly recommend registering your work with a copyright office in your country.