What I offer

  • Screenwriting, co-writing and re-writes based on individual need (Please send an email to discuss)
  • Script Writing Coaching Program to get your script off the ground
  • A Story Plan or Script Coverage for the formats below:

– Feature length screenplays
– TV pilots / episodes
– Unfinished screenplays
– Short film screenplays
– Treatments
– One-page synopses

Story Plans provide an extensive analysis and suggestions for development. Script Coverage includes a logline, a one-page synopsis and 1-3 pages of critical and constructive analysis.

What I do differently

I approach your project from every angle and come up with a Story Plan that will work to make your story resonate with readers and audiences.

I point out story issues with explanations that make sense and I offer alternative ways to solve those nagging story problems.

I don’t limit the depth and breadth of my analysis to page numbers.

I am open to answering any further questions so you don’t feel abandoned and confused.

I care about the stories you want to tell and I support you as a writer.

Sample Story Plans are available on request.