Customized, practical script notes to help you develop your screenplay

We’re in the company of many great writers when we feel:

My screenplay has plot inconsistencies, weak character development, a sagging structure, an absence of a captivating theme and tone, the list goes on…

In your Customized Script Development Notes, I aim to:

A) Identify what’s gone wrong and explain why;
B) Provide you with a constructive, easy-to-follow roadmap of suggestions to help solve your story problems;
C) Reduce your workload and anxiety while giving you practical inspiration and encouragement to get your script one step closer to being read and produced.

To get a better sense of how I work, who I am, and for more script talk in general, read my book on the process and perils of screenwriting:

Adventures in Screenwriting: How One Writer Navigates the Dire Straits

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