Why a Script Report

An informed opinion and experienced guidance can take your work to the next level.

A script report is a toolkit to help you direct and inspire your efforts and channel your story to an audience in the most insightful way possible.

You will find practical and honest feedback on ‘what works’  and ‘what needs improvement’, but most importantly, ‘how to resolve story problems and improve your story’.

This applies equally to a film professional gathering ideas and support before going into production, a student getting ready to shoot a short for a university degree, or someone who writes screenplays as a way to fathom and express personal experiences.

Why a Script Coverage

Script coverage provides informative feedback on your screenplay to set your next draft in motion and get ideas for pitching and marketing your work.

Production companies, agents, script funding organizations, screenwriting contests and festivals can also use this service to get professional help to evaluate piles of screenplays.

Why choose Magic of Story

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