What I offer

Screenwriting, co-writing and re-writes based on individual need. Please send an email to discuss.

Script reports and script coverage for the formats below:

  • Feature length screenplays
  • TV pilots / episodes
  • Unfinished screenplays
  • Short film screenplays
  • Treatments
  • One-page synopses

Script reports provide an extensive review and suggestions for development. Script coverage includes a logline, a one-page synopsis and 1-3 pages of critical and constructive analysis.

Sample reports are available on request.

What I do

I write thorough, practical and intuitive script reports covering all the basic elements of storytelling including and often exceeding: concept and originality, characters and character development, plot, structure, setting, pace, dialogue, tone, genre and appeal.

What I do differently

I go beyond pointing out weaknesses and flaws; I offer solutions for improving your story. I customize my reports to fit the needs of each script. There is no limit on the depth or breadth of my analysis and I am open to discussing your script via e-mail, phone or Skype.