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Fill in the form, attach your work in PDF format, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click ‘submit’.

I will email you with a deadline I can adhere to and information on payment. Once you receive my email, your payment is due within two days. Please note that I will add days beyond this payment period to your deadline and I will start working after receipt of payment.

Here are the rates:

  • Screenwriting, co-writing and re-writes based on individual project
  • Unlimited development notes for feature length screenplays, unfinished screenplays and treatments, $400, 5-8 pages of notes $300
  • Notes for TV pilots / episodes $250
  • Script coverage (1-3 pages of notes, synopsis, logline) $250
  • Notes for short film screenplays $125
  • Notes for one-page synopses $50

All amounts are to be paid in full and in US dollars. Payments are nonrefundable.

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