Personalized service in screenwriting, script coverage and consultancy, offered by a professional script analyst, screenwriter and film critic

NEWS UPDATE!! Your script analyst Selin Sevinc’s latest feature-length screenplay became a second rounder at Austin Film Festival‘s prestigious screenwriting contest – a recognition given to less than 20% of the entrants.

If you are an industry professional registered in The Black List, please read and rate her screenplay, Off the beaten path.

NEW SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!! We now offer services for screenwriting, co-writing and re-writes. Write to us about your project, request writing samples and receive a quote.

  • Extensive, practical and constructive feedback on screenplays written for film and television
  • Detailed analysis of your story, applying the appropriate elements and tools of screenwriting
  • A number of pathways to resolve your story’s problems and shortcomings
  • A holistic approach to storytelling that will connect your intention and talent to audience reception and industry demands
  • The opportunity to ask questions and benefit from a constructive dialogue about your work

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What I offer

Screenwriting, co-writing and re-writes based on individual need. Please send an email to discuss.

Script reports and script coverage for the formats below:

  • Feature length screenplays
  • TV pilots / episodes
  • Unfinished screenplays
  • Short film screenplays
  • Treatments
  • One-page synopses

Script reports provide an extensive review and suggestions for development. Script coverage includes a logline, a one-page synopsis and 1-3 pages of critical and constructive analysis.

Sample reports are available on request.

What I do

I write thorough, practical and intuitive script reports covering all the basic elements of storytelling including and often exceeding: concept and originality, characters and character development, plot, structure, setting, pace, dialogue, tone, genre and appeal.

What I do differently

I go beyond pointing out weaknesses and flaws; I offer solutions for improving your story. I customize my reports to fit the needs of each script. There is no limit on the depth or breadth of my analysis and I am open to discussing your script via e-mail, phone or Skype.

I am an enthusiastic screenwriter, script analyst and a fixer of story problems

NEWS UPDATE!! Your script analyst Selin Sevinc’s latest feature-length script became a second rounder at Austin Film Festival‘s prestigious screenwriting contest – a recognition given to less than 20% of the entrants. If you are an industry professional registered in The Black List, please read and rate her screenplay, Off the beaten path. Here’s her story:

13 years ago, as a fresh graduate of an M.A. and a B.A. in Film & TV Production, I dived headfirst into the film and TV industry working in the production of TV dramas, documentary series and TV commercials, where I wrote, interviewed, coordinated casting, production and post-production.

My initial enthusiasm in the production world soon gave way to writing for film and TV. I wrote film articles and screenplays, and began reading scripts for fellow writers. I became a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and a Berlinale Talents Screenwriters alumna in 2009. Participating in international film festivals (Cannes and Berlin among others) as both a film critic and jury member were great gifts to my professional life.

A few years into my journey of obsessing over movies, I felt that my efforts would best benefit filmmakers and moviegoers if I wrote about movies before they hit the screens – in their ink-on-paper infancy.

I started evaluating piles of screenplays for screenplay competitions and individual screenwriters, directors and producers. This intense experience of going through the labyrinths of other people’s imagination, not to mention my own, inspired me to devote all my time to script consultancy and screenwriting.

Now I read, write and analyze screenplays from the comfort of my home, my local library or in coffee shops in Bend, Oregon.

Find out more about me and my services at

Selin Sevinç Bertero, 2017

Why a Script Report

An informed opinion and experienced guidance can take your work to the next level.

A script report is a toolkit to help you direct and inspire your efforts and channel your story to an audience in the most insightful way possible.

You will find practical and honest feedback on ‘what works’  and ‘what needs improvement’, but most importantly, ‘how to resolve story problems and improve your story’.

This applies equally to a film professional gathering ideas and support before going into production, a student getting ready to shoot a short for a university degree, or someone who writes screenplays as a way to fathom and express personal experiences.

Why a Script Coverage

Script coverage provides informative feedback on your screenplay to set your next draft in motion and get ideas for pitching and marketing your work.

Production companies, agents, script funding organizations, screenwriting contests and festivals can also use this service to get professional help to evaluate piles of screenplays.

Why choose Magic of Story

To find out more about me, take a look at WHO. To find out what sets me apart from other similar services, check out WHAT.

See what my clients said about how I helped shape and refine their work below.

Whenever men have looked for something solid on which to found their lives, they have chosen not the facts in which the world abounds, but the myths of an immemorial imagination. Joseph Campbell

How it works

Fill in the form, attach your work in PDF format, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click ‘submit’.

I will email you with a deadline I can adhere to and information on payment. Once you receive my email, your payment is due within two days. Please note that I will add days beyond this payment period to your deadline and I will start working after receipt of payment.

Here are the rates:

  • Screenwriting, co-writing and re-writes based on individual project
  • Unlimited development notes for feature length screenplays, unfinished screenplays and treatments, $400, 5-8 pages of notes $300
  • Notes for TV pilots / episodes $250
  • Script coverage (1-3 pages of notes, synopsis, logline) $250
  • Notes for short film screenplays $125
  • Notes for one-page synopses $50

All amounts are to be paid in full and in US dollars. Payments are nonrefundable.

Request a sample script report here.

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